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With more than 30 years of experience in the broadcast field, PTL Communications is well established in the industry, having served many of the major TV stations, production houses and institutions in Singapore as well as in the region.

Throughout the years in this industry, we have established a close working relationship with many leading equipment manufacturers around the world. This close business relationship,  together with our business experience and technical knowledge in the broadcast industry, enable us to offer a complete and technically sound solution meeting the business needs of our valued customers.

PTL Communications offers and installs ClassX live sports graphics solutions for customers whom demand intensive real-time sports graphics application. ClassX's Liveboard sports graphics tool is designed for easy, swift, real-time, efficient and high resolution graphics generation. ClassX 2D/3D graphics system solutions supports formats in SD; HD; 4K; as well as 8K resolution.

The comprehensiveness, flexibility & reliability of Nevion's Flashlink solution for video/audio signal processing & distribution, is well received by our customers.

To satisfy the need for video professionalism, we offer video measurements,  calibration solutions and tools from the entire range of Tektronix products.

To convert video signal from PAL-to-NTSC, SDI-to-HD, Standard/Format Conversion, Cross-Conversion, or vice-versa, we offer high quality video format conversion solutions from Nevion's range of Flashlink Modular Solutions - the ultimate high-performance and reliable quality product and choice to our serious and reputable customers.

Additionally, we represent and distribute a whole range of other broadcast audio/video products from leading manufacturers such as AllPro Solutions, Autoscript, Bluefish444, Lynx Technik, DTL Broadcast, Horita, MicroVideo, Pleora Technologies, Castwin, Ogden Technology, Plura, ClassX, etc...





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